Why Do I Love Being Web Developer

Why Do I Love Being Web DeveloperWhen I first started taking interest in web design and development, I did not know much about these two fields. While designing did sound as a more creative job, when compared to developing, I thought that it needed much more skills that what I had already.

And when it came to web development, it looked more attractive, as it involved not only the designing part but building entire websites and apps, which was something else entirely. But soon after I started working on web designing and development, I found that both are actually interrelated and not different entities as I had thought.

What a web developer job entails

People mistakenly believe that design or development is difficult to learn. But at the outset, when you are beginning from scratch, you will find any new job to be a challenging one.

The difficulty actually lies in what your weakness and strengths are, regarding the career you choose. For web developing or designing, the salaries depend on how complex the work you need to do is. And the salaries increase with the experience and expertise you develop, as you progress in your career.

In general, as a skilled web developer you can create a totally functional site right from scratch. But basically development is centered more on coding, while designers focus on creating better user experience.

Being a web developer

Web developers prefer the scientific and logical approach to web design. They view things as a huge data collection, which they can use in different ways.  And in web developing, you need to take on a big project methodically and with close attention to all details.

In short, web development includes writing codes and implementing web design in order to form an integrated web experience. During my days as system administrator, I had implemented many of the designs that others had done, so the designs could be part of an integrated and better experience. Although some of the work was challenging, most of them involved just doing the simple addition and making the website functional.

I love working on web developing because, what I did had more of design and planning the user experience. For instance, if it was a project of a website design, I would like to take part in the planning of the design itself and help the designer implement the user interface appropriately. Even if this seems too idealistic, web development has its own benefits and drawbacks, which I will explain to you, so you may understand better about the process and come to your own conclusion.

Advantages of Web development

Instant feedback

Many consider web development as an enjoyable job, as it gives instant feedback. When I write a code, I can know immediately the effect of the coding, and how it combines with the design graphics in the web browser.

Problem solving

Web development has a strong problem solving facet.  When you finish a job successfully, it naturally results in solving a particular issue.

Quick turnaround

When compared to application or game development, web development is quicker to complete. Hence this translates to a better project adaptability. You can use your job skills to deal with problems as they appear, with the solutions you provide.


With web development you need not have to sit in an office or work within the 9 to 5 office timing. Usually web development involves flexible timing. You can work on it in your own time, provided you are able to complete it within the date specified.

Innovative technology

When it comes to web development, you will be dealing with all the latest updated technology. For those who like to be involved in sophisticated technological work, web development provides a complete satisfaction.


While web development, from my description of its pros, may seem to be the perfect career to have it is not always so. Here are some important cons you should be aware of.

No deep satisfaction

As I mentioned before, while some of the web development jobs I have done are really satisfying, not all of them are as rewarding. A majority of the projects are routine tasks that do not make any large impact positively on people or the company for which the work is being done. When you compare to jobs such as research, teaching, medical, political, law or any other such careers, web development does seem to be of least rewarding to you personally.

Mundane and monotonous

More often than not the web development jobs involve working on content that is not in any way interesting to work on. For instance, a game designing and development job involves creating something that is fun to do. But when you take a website design, the design just exists online, and does not create the buzz, as a game designing does.

Least challenging

As I said before, in the above drawback, web development is not very challenging to work on, when you look at it abstractly. While the implementation may be challenging, the content as such is not that absorbing. So, I end up more often than not doing work that does not pose any challenge at all. This my take its toll on you, if you are not careful and try to work on something that interests you from time to time.

Not enough leeway

It so happens that decisions made prior to development can affect the outcome of problem solving. Whether it is resolved by the changing of the decisions, or the solution gets affected due to the decision remaining unchanged, it is very frustrating for the developer.

Regardless of what I have said about web development, it is a field that is getting far easier to master. If you are aspiring to become a web developer, you should know that it is a highly competitive career. You should understand the requirements of a business and try to add in something unique and excellent, if you want to make your presence known. You should be able to assess the market and the customers, and know what will make the customers buy a product or service. Understanding information and how it can be used effectively are few vital things a developer should know.


My Favorite Hobby: ATV Riding

My Favorite Hobby ATV RidingATV riding is a whole load of fun, which I have been enjoying for the past few years. I find the challenge and excitement more, when I hurtle down and up the trails during night time. Whether I am taking part in a contest or just having a weekend ride on the trail, ATV riding is pure unbridled fun. But it can also be quite dangerous, as many have cautioned me. While some of you many think that while being fun, ATV rides are just as simple as driving a car, it is not so.

If you are a newcomer to riding the quad bike, I have compiled some useful tips to help you along. Even if you are seasoned ATV rider like me, the tips here would be very useful, as these serve as a reminder of what you need to do and don’t need to do. While some of these are straightforward and simple tips, there are a few, which when followed will keep you safe from the common dangers you encounter during an ATV ride.

Gear for safety

In any sport, wearing all the necessary safety gear is very important. In ATV riding, you should wear gloves, boots, goggles and helmets without fail. Since you don’t have seatbelts on the ATVs such gear is essential to keep you safe. I use a 10 inch BOL led light bar, when I ride during night time. This provides added safety and prevents any untoward accidents that happen due to low lighting conditions at night.

Careful inspection

It is necessary to inspect the vehicle, before you start. Check the wear and tear in the tires, and make sure the controls, cables and connections are in good working order.  Inspect the chain for nay broken teeth, worn links or other damages, and ensure the lubrication is properly done.

Ride in groups

It is safer to ride in groups, when you venture out on your ATV ride. I adhere to this rule, especially when it is night time riding. We usually have several high-quality led light pods attached to our quad bikes, which give us illumination just like as in daylight.

Precautions to take

While driving, abstain from taking drugs or alcohol. These impair your judging ability, and can make your ride highly dangerous. And when you feel tired or fatigued, make sure you take a break by stopping for some time. Even if ATV riding is considered as a great exercise for your body, because of the heavy pressure it puts on your mental acuity and strength, when you overdo it, you will become tired. The jumps, corners and bumps can drain your energy easily. So stop for some time, rehydrate, and boost your energy with the right foods before you continue.

While riding make sure the quad is equipped for more than one person, before you ask one or more persons to ride with you. Usually the ATVs are designed to hold only a single person. So never entertain side riding or piggybacking. And ride on designated areas only to keep you and your vehicle safe.